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Our policy for failure to show for an appointment without prior notification (preferably 12 hours in advance) results in you paying a $10.00 out-of-pocket fee prior to your next appointment.


If the office is closed, leave a message on the answering machine.


Thank you for your cooperation.


If your bills are being handled by an attorney (liability)


At the closing of your case BEFORE you settle, call WMPT to verify the outstanding balance (If any). Your attorney has a copy of the bill in his file.


Before closing your case, make sure you know if your attorney is going to pay WMPT’s bill or if they expect you to pay us directly.


Please remember you are ultimately responsible for the bill in all legal cases.


Insurance Policy

WMPT will verify your health insurance as a benefit for you. However, it is up to the individual patient to know their plan. If your company denied payment for any reason, it is your responsibility to pay the bill or try to get the company to pay. We will assist you in any way we can.


Your health insurance responsibility


ALL copays are due at time of visit.

Deductibles will be billed at later date.

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